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How To Change Name On Air New Zealand Ticket

Proper documents are essential for hassle-free air travel and to avoid last-minute confusion. Many people wonder whether they can change their names on their Air New Zealand ticket. Well, the answer is an absolute yes, and you can change the name on your ticket without any difficulty. If the name has minor spelling errors and typos, the airline will change the name quickly without any extra fee, but if you want to change the whole legal name, you need to pay a certain fee, as mentioned by the respective airline.

Airlines have a particular policy for name changes, and they are not always accessible. Many airlines do it for free when a change requires specific spelling corrections and typos, while others charge a fee for significant name changes.

You must follow the procedures when changing your name on an Air New Zealand ticket. A detailed guide includes all the steps required to have a smooth name change process.

Air New Zealand Name Change Policy

Before initiating any change in your ticket, you must check the airline’s name change policy. Air New Zealand’s name change policy may differ from that of other airlines; hence, it is essential to go through these policies, taking note of even the most minor details. 

The change is free for minor changes, including spelling errors and typos. Still, when it comes to significant changes due to marriage, adoption, divorce, ticket transfers, and international tickets, the passenger must cancel the existing ticket and purchase a new one. 

The cancellation charges depend on the type of ticket booked. You can change the name on the ticket in three ways: by phone, through the Air New Zealand sales office in your city, and by a travel agent. You can find more details about the name change policy on the airline’s official website, under the terms and conditions, or in the FAQ section.

1. ✔ Check Eligibility

It is a crucial step as you need to check the eligibility for the name change. Go through the name change policies of Air New Zealand to get a brief idea. There are two cases of name change: minor changes, including small spelling corrections and typos, and significant changes, like legal name changes after marriage, divorce, and adoption. All minor changes are free, but if yes, a specific fee is applicable t in case of significant changes to you.

To learn thoroughly, visit the official website or call the airline’s customer service. If the name on an international ticket changes, you must cancel the current ticket and book a new one with the correct details.

2. ✔ Contact Air New Zealand

Next, contact Air New Zealand customer service to fix your name change request. You can contact the customer service team via email, phone, call, or their online chat system and provide them with the required name change details to complete your work. Contacting the airline’s customer service is essential because it takes a few business days to find a particular query/request. Hence, you should avoid waiting till the last moment.

Air New Zealand’s customer service team and online chat system are active 24/7, and the team will reply to your call or message within minutes. Use the services and get your request fixed so you don’t have to deal with your travel plans and wait for the very last moment.

3. ✔ Submission of Necessary Documents

In the name change process, you must provide certain documents supporting your request. In case of minor changes like spelling or grammatical errors or typos, you must submit your valid passport or an ID with your correct name details. Regarding legal name changes, you are asked to submit the marriage certificate, adoption certificate, divorce paper, or any other court order to get your request fixed. 

These documents are taken as proof to ensure that the person asking for the name change is genuine and to avoid fraud. All airlines have different policies, and the procedure may differ, but you should try to grab the most accurate information to avoid falling prey to online fraud.

4. ✔ Payment of Applicable Fees

Air New Zealand charges a fee in cases of significant name changes, such as legal name changes due to marriage, divorce, and adoption. Be prepared for the fee payment, which is not fixed and depends upon the type of ticket you purchased and the circumstances of your name change request.

Contact customer service or visit the Air New Zealand official website to learn more about the fee payment procedure and avoid confusion or online fraud. If you want a name change on an international ticket, you must cancel the ticket first and then book a new one with the updated changes. The cancellation fee will be applicable depending on the type of ticket.

5. ✔ Confirm the Name Change

After successfully evaluating the name change request and submitting the required documents and fees, the Air New Zealand team will update you and ask for your final confirmation. The airline may issue you an e-ticket with the updated name or a confirmation email.

This step is crucial and final in changing your name; you need to recheck the details carefully. Any negligence may cost you a lot of time and hard work, so check the updated details properly and confirm them with the airline.

6. ✔ Review your Updated Booking

After you submit the name change request and fees, the airline will send you a confirmation email or even issue you an e-ticket with the updated information. You need to double-check the booking details to confirm that everything is correct. It needs to be done within a limited time, so you are advised to stay in touch with your mailbox as you get all the related information via email or phone.

If you still need correct information or discrepancies, contact the Air New Zealand customer service team and ask that they look after the request and update the changes as soon as possible. You should review the changes carefully to avoid future confusion and travel issues.

7. ✔ Update Related Travel Documents

After you send your name change request, updating your additional documents, such as visas and Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) authorization, with the new name is essential. If you have yet to get your Visa before the name change, you need not worry, as the updated name will be reflected. 

But if you’ve received all these additional documents, you should update them as soon as possible to avoid any last-minute confusion and problems during travel. Updating these documents is important; you should not ignore this essential step.

8. ✔ Follow Up

It is essential to check your documents and the status of your request correctly. If you experience any negligence during the naming process, you can contact Air New Zealand’s highly active customer service team throughout the day.

Attention is vital because you must change your name as early as possible to align with your future travel plans. To avoid problems, you should inform other parties, like the hotel you book, rental car company, or bike team, about your changed name.

9. ✔ Keep Records

Throughout the name change process, remember to keep records of all communications, including emails, messages, confirmation numbers, documentation submitted, fee invoices, etc., to avoid any discrepancy or issue that might occur later. If you need to remember to keep all the records, just keep the confirmation email sent by Air New Zealand stating your name change update.

Can You Transfer The Air New Zealand Ticket To Another Person?

Air New Zealand doesn’t allow ticket transfers to another person. You can change flights depending on the availability of the seats, but you cannot trade your ticket to another person. 

In case of a name change request for international flights and transfer tickets, the passenger must cancel the existing ticket and book a new one. Cancellation fees will be applicable depending on your ticket type and the circumstances of your name change request.

If your travel plans get canceled and you wish to transfer your tickets to another person at the very last moment, then you know what the situation will be. So, the crux of all this is that if you follow all the steps mentioned above and adhere to Air New Zealand’s name change policy, you’ll be able to get name change updates on your ticket. Don’t forget to double—check your details to avoid last-minute hassles and delays in your future travel plans.


Can you change the name on the Air New Zealand ticket?

Yes, you can change the name on the Air New Zealand ticket by following a few steps described by the airline.

How can you change the name on the Air NZ ticket?

To change the name on the Air New Zealand ticket, you must submit the request via phone, email, or the local airline office in your city. Then, submit the correct details and documentation required by the airline and pay the fee. The airline will mail confirmation.

Are there any charges for the name change?

The charges depend on the type of name change. Minor changes, such as spelling errors and typos, are free, while significant changes due to marriage, adoption, or divorce require charges.

Is a name change possible in international tickets?

It is possible, but you need to cancel the current ticket and purchase a new one reflecting the changes in name and other details in case of international tickets.

Can you transfer Air New Zealand tickets to another person?

No, you cannot transfer your Air New Zealand to another person as it is prohibited on any fares. You must cancel your current ticket and book a new one with your updated details.

How much does it cost to change the name on the ticket?

The cost of changing the name on your ticket depends on the airline’s policy. Some airlines do it for free, while others ask for a correction, ranging from $50 to $200, depending on your ticket type.

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