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Flying with EgyptAir but completely unaware of your next steps? Don’t worry; the city sales office has got you covered from head to toe. It’s evident that passengers have quite a lot to deal with when it comes to seamless arrivals or departures, and that’s when you enter the doors of the EgyptAir City Sales Office in Prague for assistance. To make sure that travelers have everything sorted out the way they want, we have outlined this segment pertaining to the location, address, and other details that can help you connect with the officials. Read along to gather more info! 

Egyptair City and Sales Office Address in Prague, CZ

Looking forward to get in touch with the city office of EgyptAir. Here’s what you should know: 

  • Physical Address/Where to Visit: OPLETALOVA 57, 11000 PRAGUE 1
  • Contact Number/Phone Number/Dial: 00420 224 220 224
  • Working Hours/Operating Hours/Contact During: 09:00 – 17:00 Mo-Fr

City Office Map and Location

Fleet of Aircrafts EgyptAir Owns

Name of AircraftTotal no.of Aircrafts
Airbus A22072
Airbus A320
Airbus A321
Airbus A330
Boeing 737
Boeing 777
Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Things EgyptAir Considers At The City/Sales Office

The EgyptAir Prague city sales office considers everything and anything related to your air travel with them, which means whatsoever service or amenity you may like to avail of, you just have to get in touch, talk things out, and add it to your journey. Here’s an idea of what to expect:

Book, Cancel, Manage, or Upgrade

Whether you want to book a ticket, cancel a booked ticket, manage your itinerary, or simply want to upgrade to a higher class ticket, the sales office personnels can assist you and provide you with the needful. Make sure that you ask about the policies associated with each of the mentioned to avoid any last-minute shocks. Considering cost before making any random decisions goes a long way in your air travel.

Seek Assistance with Check-ins

Check-ins are quite easy to get done with. However, not all passengers are aware of it. If you are one of those passengers, you can get a word with the official staff and hand over your queries. They will provide you with a stepwise procedure on how you can get done with the check-ins. In addition, do not forget to ask about the various check-in options (online or offline) to ease the process for yourself. If you want, you can ask the associates to check in on your behalf.

Learn of Baggage Allowance

You cannot carry anything in your luggage, as certain items are strictly prohibited. In addition, you can not carry the amount you like as there are certain restrictions on the weight. Ask the personnel about your allowance so that you can plan and pack your stuff accordingly. In addition, avoid taking restricted items, as they may develop serious issues during check-ins at the airport. If you want, you can ask the personnels about a list of items that you should avoid carrying in your checked baggage or carry-on luggage.

Receive Lost & Found Help

This is one of the most important services you should know about because losing luggage is one of the most fretsome yet common things that occurs at the airport. If you know that EgyptAir has a lost and found office at the airport, you can easily connect with them. The city sales office can get you details on what you may need to report your issue, including the identification documents and so on. In such a manner, it will be easy for you to reunite with your lost baggage in no time.

What About Pet Travel?

EgyptAir allows pet travel, but there are strict policies such as the pet owners must carry their pets in an airline-approved pet carrier, the pet must stay in the container throughout the trip, and must not be a harm to other members whether your pet will be transported in a cabin or as cargo is entirely up to EgyptAir. For detailed information, you must connect with their service authorities to gain insights into the procedures.

Now that you have all the details to get in touch with the city sales office of EgyptAir in Prague, it’s best that you contact directly with the agents about any queries, confusion, or feedback you may have. The staff can guide you best in turning your journey from boring to fun really quickly. Rest assured, if you abide by their rules and regulations of air travel, there’s nothing that can bother you before, during, or after your flight.

EgyptAir Head Office Details to Connect

The official website of EgyptAir operates solely for passengers who don’t like an in-person visit to the office. In addition, an email address,, is also provided. Need the correct address of the airline’s head office to fax? Here it is:

  • Official Website:
  • Address: EGYPTAIR Holding Company Admin complex, Airport Road, Cairo P.O Box 11776, Egypt
  • Email:
  • Contact Number: 0091 (22) 22833798

Other Important Information

The airline’s official website offers everything, whether you want to track the flight’s real-time status, learn about the booking or cancellation process, or more. Once you visit the website, click on the options button, and you can easily find the flight status option, check-in button, baggage inquiry page, and luggage lost & found information:

  • Flight Status:
  • Online Check-In:
  • Baggage Enquiry:
  • Baggage Lost and Found:

Learn More!

How do you contact EgyptAir’s head office? 

The head office of EgyptAir is in EgyptAir Complex Building, Cairo Airport Road. Passengers can use the “Contact Number: 090070000” to connect with the personnels. 

How do you get in touch with the EgyptAir Prague City Office?

The city sales office of EgyptAir is located in OPLETALOVA 57, 11000 PRAGUE 1. If you are looking forward to calling the personnel, dial 00420 224 220 224.

How do I speak to EgyptAir customer service?

Passengers can use the contact numbers or social media channels to connect with EgyptAir’ customer service. 

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