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Brussels Airlines is Belgium’s ultimate flag carrier in terms of the number of passengers it carries and the size of its flights. It is expensive, but the luxury and in-flight experience it offers is beyond any price. It helps in the air transportation of the majority of the country population annually, which creates a high-demand airline worldwide. The Brussels Airlines Copenhagen Office is dedicated to serving all its passengers with top-notch solutions to all their travel-related issues and airline queries.

The office staff has the power to guide you in the right direction and provide the best solutions to all your air travel issues. You need to provide a few details, including the address and contact details, to reach out to the office staff and make your work easy by getting the supported guidance of the nearest city office staff. 

Brussels Airlines City, Sales Office In Copenhagen, NL

You can visit Brussels Airlines office in Accra. The staff is there to solve all your doubts and queries related to your next or recent air travel. Check the operational hours before visiting the city office.

  • Address: Nørregade 21, 1165 Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Contact Number: 1800 102 5838
  • Working hours: Mon to Sat, Between 09:00 – 17:00

City Office Map and Location

Brussels Airlines Fleet Details & Size

The table below provides more information about Brussels Airlines’s fleet size. The airline has a mighty and sophisticated aircraft fleet, which many other airlines in the industry appreciate. 

Name of AircraftTotal no.of Aircrafts
Airbus A319-100s43
Airbus A320-200s
Airbus A320neos
Airbus A330-300s
Airbus A321-100s
Boeing 737-400

Benefits Offered by Brussels Airlines Copenhagen Office

Once you have the Brussels Airlines office’s full address and phone number in Copenhagen, you can coordinate with the attentive staff to arrange a hassle-free air trip. They can give you confirmation on the terminal, check-in, baggage security locations, and other details and assist you in selecting the finest flight cabin and fare type for your ideal trip. The office staff provides outstanding services and benefits, a summary of which is shown below:

Reservation, Cancellation, Manage & Upgradation!

Would you like to make a new reservation or cancel the currently scheduled one? Whatever the issue, the Brussels Airlines Copenhagen Office will help however they can. If any offers or reductions are available, you can ask the staff to make a new flight reservation on your behalf. In the event of an issue, you can manage your reservation to request a flight cancellation, make changes to your ticket, or even check to see if you can move to a more desirable price class.

Check-in Without Any Airport Hassle

Gone are those days of standing in long queues waiting for your turn to do the check-in. Head straight to the Brussels Airlines Office in Copenhagen and make your work easier by taking the guidance of the experienced staff. You have the contact details, so there is no need to worry about going and managing everything physically. The check-in can also be done online via the airline’s official website; if you don’t know about it, the officials will do it on your behalf.

Re-check Baggage Allowance!

To avoid last-minute anxiety at airport security, read the baggage policy instructions. For information on the permitted weight and size of baggage, contact the Brussels Airlines office at your location. Following the instructions is essential because the airline will only accept luggage that is compliant with established regulations.

Because of Brussels Airlines stringent Babbage regulations, any undesired items may result in the confiscation of bags or the total refusal of checked baggage. Make your work easier by going directly to the closest City office to skip unloading at the airport.

Lost & Found Desk! 

If you lost or misplaced something at the airport, don’t worry. The Brussels Airlines Office in Copenhagen is there to help you search. You can contact the supportive staff by physically visiting the office or by phone. Although several lost and found desks are at the terminals, it is better to visit the office before your travel date to understand the rights and wrongs that might occur in such an unfortunate situation. The executives will assist you through the whole procedure. 

Now that you’ve gone through the above guide, you know whose door to knock on if you face airline or air travel-related issues. You can drop by the Brussels Airlines Office in Copenhagen directly if you have to ask about your current and future air journey. You can phone the office staff using the contact details mentioned above. 

Brussels Airlines Head Office Information

Belgium’s flag carrier, Brussels Airlines, operates charter and scheduled flights for most passengers and cargo to more than 124 destinations worldwide. The airline’s head office is where everything regarding the airline is available. If you reside near the head office, you can visit the office directly at the address and contact details given. You can also get in touch via call or email. 

  • Official Website:
  • Address: 100-102, Avenue des Saisons Box 30,1050 Brussels, Belgium
  • Email:
  • Contact Number: +32 2 723 23 62.

Essential Information

After discussing the airline office and its location extensively, it is time to discuss a few things about its services. In the section below, you can find all the details about the baggage allowance, online/offline check-in and boarding process, lost and found items or luggage, flight status and schedule, etc. 

Learn More!

Where is the Brussels Airlines main office?

Passengers can find the main head office of Brussels Airlines in the 100-102, Avenue des Saisons Box 30,1050 Brussels, Belgium.

What is the Brussels Airlines Head Office contact number?

Here is the +32 2 723 23 62. for Brussels Airlines, located in Brussels, Belgium. 

What is the Brussels Airlines City Office address in Copenhagen?

Passengers need to follow the Nørregade 21, 1165 København, Denmark to contact office staff, who will help with their airline and airport-related issues.

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