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Tel Aviv

Would you like further information about the Air Serbia office in Tel Aviv? You no longer need to search because you’ve reached the right page. If you have persistent issues that have been plaguing you, you can get help from the office staff. Keep your upgraded itinerary and airline info handy to avoid any inconvenience at the airport or on the flight. Put your worries aside and provide the patient staff with your preliminary itinerary so they may evaluate it and refine it. Take off with assurance, knowing that Air Serbia’s local city office staff will take care of you.

Air Serbia Sales and City Office Address in Tel Aviv, IL

  • Address: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Contact Number: +381 11 311 21 23
  • Working Hours: 24 Hours

City Office Map and Location

Air Serbia Head Office Details

  • Official Website:
  • Email:
  • Address: Jurija Gagarina 12, Beograd HQ
  • Contact Number: + 1 (718) 7258642

Other Information about Air Serbia

  • Flight Status:
  • Online Check-In:
  • Baggage Enquiry:
  • Baggage Lost and Found:

Trust the Air Serbia City office in Tel Aviv experienced personnels and be ready to start a systematic and planned travel. May your journey go according to your budget and preferences.

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