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Passengers often get perplexed with one or the other travel tasks, whether flying back to their hometown or an entirely new destination. To make sure that you ain’t stuck unnecessarily in any of the flight troubles before or after your departure, it is best that you deal with the chaos beforehand. The Air France Rio de Janeiro Office will help you do so within the expected time frame. 

Passengers can discuss all their concerns related to the upcoming journey with trained and generous sales office representatives and ensure that their trip will be unforgettable. So, collect basic information to contact number by reading the guidebook til the end.

Air France Sales and City Office Address in Rio de Janeiro, BR

To solve all your air travel-related queries on time, the Air France Rio de Janeiro Office has various professionals who are all set to provide you with the solution without delay. Once you enter the office doors, you will be from worries and take a step ahead to achieve great air travel. 

  • Address: 2º Piso, Av. Vinte de Janeiro – Galeão, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 21941-570, Brazil
  • Contact Number: +55 800 724 8352
  • Working Hours: 24 Hours

City Office Map and Location

Get Comfort With Convenience At Air France Rio de Janeiro Office

Before embarking on the air journey, you should know all the amenities to make it perfectly organized and hassle-free. These top-notch services will help you enjoy your next departure with Air France to the fullest. Have a look at the services mentioned below and select the ones that suit you the best.

Set your Flight Schedule 

Once you have decided on your next travel destination and fixed the dates, then all you need to do is find the cheapest flight. You can head to the nearest sales office of the airline to compare the prices and know the shortest route to your dream place.  Not only this, but the staff will provide you with the details on the reservation process and payment options. Efficient employees will also let you know about the discounted fares so you can save much on your travel expenses.

Flight Change and Cancellation

If you need to make adjustments or cancellations to your current flight plans, the Air France City Office contact number should be on your dial pad. The trained employees will easily handle everything, from rescheduling your flight to a more convenient time to canceling the bookings.

Ask about the Excess Baggage Allowance 

Carrying extra things on Air France flights? Discuss your additional luggage with the ticketing office employees to avoid the mess at the check-in counter. If your bags exceed the airline’s baggage limit, they will help you purchase allowance tickets so you can easily transport the over weighted items. Moreover, they will also shed light on the items that are restricted by the airline.

Get Back Airfare Refunds 

If you were unable to attend the flight you had booked and now want your money back, the Air France office in the Rio de Janeiro Office is your go-to place for assistance. You can ask about all the formalities that are important to complete in order to receive the refund. Furthermore, the staff will inform you whether you will receive the refund in the form of cash or flight credits.

Report the Missing Possession 

If you misplace your luggage at the airport or on the plane, you can register your complaint at the city help center freely. You will need to provide some details about the missing stuff to the staff, and they will do their best to get your luggage back. The sales office agents will also let you know about the steps to track your luggage online and stay updated.

For all queries related to air travel, the Air France Rio de Janeiro Office employees will present you with the best possible solution. You can easily visit the office during operating hours and get your queries solved immediately. Knocking at the city office door will not create disturbance but will definitely make a solution. For more details, you can visit the airline’s official website. 

Air France Head Office Details

If you are not satisfied with the answers you received from the Air France Office in Rio de Janeiro and want more clarification regarding all travel-related queries, contact the head office. The professional executives will assist you correctly and make you confident about commencing the journey profoundly. 

  • Official Website:
  • Email:
  • Address: Roissypôle, CDG Airport, Tremblay-en-France, France
  • Contact Number: +33 (0)1 41 56 78 00

Other Information about Air France

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People May Also Ask

What is the Air France Rio de Janeiro Office address?

The official address of Air France Rio de Janeiro Office is 2º Piso, Av. Vinte de Janeiro – Galeão, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 21941-570, Brazil.

What are the operating hours of the Air France head office?

The operating hours of their head office are 24 Hours

Is Boeing 737-9 MAX a part of Air France’s air fleet?

Yes. Boeing 737-9 MAX is one of the aircraft available in the Air France’s fleet.

What is the Air France Rio de Janeiro Office contact number?

The toll-free number to connect with the sales office employees is +55 800 724 8352.

Can I get to the Air France Office in Rio de Janeiro for name correction?

Well, yes. The customer help agents of the city sales office can assist you with correcting names on the flight ticket.

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