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Are you looking for information as you’re prepared to travel with Air France? This is the place to stop your quest; read the details below to put any uncertainties to rest. To help you prepare for your flight, the Air France Moscow Office can answer any last-minute questions and ease your worries.

You’ll get assistance on all kinds of services available at the airport from departure to arrival. Keep a good check of everything you need to ask as the office executives are super supportive and patient. Scroll down to learn more details!

Air France Sales and City Office Address in Moscow, RUS

You need the address and contact details of the Air France City office in Moscow to interact with the office staff. Try to visit the office before your travel, as you’ll have enough time to change your itinerary. Visit the Air France office in Moscow during operational hours to avoid last-minute hassle. You can speak with the office staff by calling 1800 419 2033.

City Office Map and Location

Services Offered!

Visit the Air France office in Moscow promptly to explore the several services offered. Contact the staff to understand the process behind availing these services. Below are some of the services provided; read on to learn more.

Want to Fly With Air France? Do Bookings

If you still haven’t booked your seats for your net air travel, do it before your favorite window seats become unavailable. Get help from the Air France office in Moscow and complete your bookings within the specified time. Make sure to adhere to the office’s timings, as it will unnecessarily create issues for you. 

Is Check-in done? Checked

The next step is check-in, mainly done on the travel date. However, you can be an intelligent passenger and do the online check-in to avoid the airport fuss. The Air France office in Moscow will guide you through the complete procedure so that you’re well-informed about these things on future trips. 

Need Extra Baggage Allowance? Confirmed 

Proper baggage with appropriate weight and items helps with a stress-free air journey. If you don’t know much about baggage policies, you can head directly to the Air France office in Moscow to get all the information about the allowed baggage size and weight. Keep a note of the prohibited articles, too. 

Limited Medical Mobility? Get Special Assistance 

Suppose you are a passenger with limited medical mobility or are traveling with one. In that case, there is no need to stress about transportation at the airport, as you can get special assistance with wheelchairs. All you need to do is pre-book these services, and after that, you’re all set to explore the airport on wheels. Ask the Air France Moscow office staff to get this assistance and complete the necessary details. 

Decide and plan to visit the +33 (0)1 41 56 78 00, as your attention will be drawn to all your airline and travel-related doubts. Worry less and plan your navigation through the skies.

Air France Head Office Details

Passengers residing near the Air France Head Office can visit the office to resolve all their travel and airline-related inquiries. The bullet points below provide all the details about the address, contact number, and Email ID.

  • Official Website:
  • Email:
  • Address: Roissypôle, CDG Airport, Tremblay-en-France, France
  • Contact Number: +33 (0)1 41 56 78 00

Other Information about Air France

The airline’s website is well-designed and guides passengers to several services. You can check the office website to learn more about the airline and its flights, including the flight schedule and status, cancellations, ticket transfers, upgrades, bookings, check-in, reservations, baggage allowance, etc.

  • Flight Status:
  • Online Check-In:
  • Baggage Enquiry:
  • Baggage Lost and Found:

People May Also Ask

How do I connect with the Head Office of Air France?

You can locate the head office using this address Roissypôle, CDG Airport, Tremblay-en-France, France or by calling +33 (0)1 41 56 78 00.

What is the customer service number of the Air France City office in Moscow?

You can call 1800 419 2033 to contact Air France’s city office in Moscow customer service.

Where is the headquarters of Air France?

Air France is headquartered in Tremblay-en-France.

What is the address of Air France office in Moscow?

This is the Moscow, 4/2, Olkhovskaya street «Melnikoff House» Russia of the Air France office in Moscow.

What services do the Air France sales office offer in Moscow?

The services include bookings, reservations, flight schedules, baggage allowance information, edit information, check-in, discounts, travel plans, hotel bookings, transportation, in-flight pre-bookings, particular assistance booking, etc.

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