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Air China is the world-renowned airline and state-owned flag carrier of China. The airline operates scheduled passenger and freight flights to almost 81 destinations covering Europe, The Americas, Asia, and Africa and is a member of the Star Alliance. If you want any information about bookings, reservations, or cancellations, you can reach out to the nearest Air China Shijiazhuang Office.

To contact the staff and receive assistance with your job from the closest city office personnel, you must supply a few facts, such as your address and contact information.

Air China City and Sales Office Address in Shijiazhuang, CN

You can visit the Air China office in Shijiazhuang to discuss your doubts and queries with the dedicated officials. Remember to visit the office during operational hours only.

  • Address: No. 1211 12th floor,World Trade Plaza Hotel,No. 303 ZhongShan donglu,changan district, ShiJiazhuang
  • Contact Number: 0311-86666969

City Office Map and Location

Air China Fleet Details & Size

The table below provides more information about Air China’s fleet size. The airline has a sophisticated aircraft fleet, which many other airlines in the industry appreciate. 

Aircraft TypeTotal Number of Aircraft
Airbus A319-100500
Airbus A319neo
Airbus A320-200
Airbus A320neo
Airbus A321-200
Airbus A321neo
Airbus A330-200
Airbus A330-300
Airbus A350-900
Boeing 737-700
Boeing 737-800
Boeing 737 MAX 8
Boeing 747-400
Boeing 747-8I
Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 787-9
Comac ARJ21-700
Comac C919
Boeing BBJ1
Boeing BBJ2
Dassault Falcon 7X

Benefits Offered by Air China City Office

After obtaining the Air China office’s complete address and phone number in Shijiazhuang, you may work with the helpful personnel to plan an easy flight. They can help you choose the best airplane cabin and fare type for your perfect vacation. The office staff offers excellent advantages and services, a list of which is shown below:

Reservation, Cancellation, Manage & Upgradation!

Do you want to make the reservation but need clarification about the documents required? Worry not, as you’re on the right page. We suggest you visit the Air China Shijiazhuang Office. Don’t worry about the number and quality of issues; instead, connect with the trained and experienced officials who are there to solve your problem. You can also get information about the bookings, cancellations, and upgrades of tickets or cabins. 

Stress-Free Check-Ins for Upcoming Flight Departures

The days of waiting your turn in lengthy lines to check in are long gone. Go directly to the Air China office in Shijiazhuang and simplify your work using the staff’s experience. There’s no need to worry about physically handling things because you have the contact details. If you are unaware of this option, airline representatives will check you in. Alternatively, you can check in online on the official airline website.

Re-check Baggage Allowance!

Read the baggage policy instructions to prevent last-minute stress at airport security. Contact the Air China office nearest you for details on luggage size and weight limit. Air China’s strict Babbage requirements mean that any unwanted items could lead to luggage being confiscated or checked baggage being refused outright. To save time and effort, avoid airport unloading by heading straight to the City office that is nearest to you.

Lost & Found Desk! Located 

If you lose anything within the airport premises, don’t worry. The Air China Office in Shijiazhuang is there to help you out. Although several lost and found desks are at the terminals, it is better to visit the office before your travel date to understand the rights and wrongs that might occur in such an unfortunate situation. The executives will assist you through the whole procedure. 

I hope you’ve skimmed all the information about the Air China Office in Shijiazhuang. Visit the office in case of an emergency or doubtful situation and enter the airport confidently after thoroughly discussing with the office staff.

Air China Head Office Information

China’s flag carrier, Air China, operates scheduled passenger and freight services to more than 91 destinations. If you happen to reside near the airline’s head office, you can direct your queries to the office staff present to solve all the travel and airline-related queries of the passengers. You can connect with them over a call at the contact number mentioned above or send an email. 

  • Official Website:
  • Address: No. 30 Tianzhu Road, Tianzhu Airport Economic Development Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing 101312, China
  • Email:
  • Contact Number: 0086-95583 | 0086-10-95583

Other Essential Information

Want to have more for your departures with Air China. Check out the below shortcuts to have access to the crucial services: 

Learn More!

Where is the Air China main office?

Passengers can find the head office of Air China in the No. 30 Tianzhu Road, Tianzhu Airport Economic Development Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing 101312, China.

What is the contact detail of the Air China Shijiazhuang Office?

You can get in touch by calling 0311-86666969 and speaking to the trained staff regarding all the air travel-related issues.

What is the Air China Office contact number?

Passengers traveling with Air China can note down this contact number 0086-95583 | 0086-10-95583 to connect to the head office staff located in the No. 30 Tianzhu Road, Tianzhu Airport Economic Development Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing 101312, China. 

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